About Us

Origin Biosciences Inc. is a China-based pharmaceutical and biotech R&D outsourcing company.  We currently have preclinical research facility located in Science Park at Nanjing University of Technology, including a laboratory and SPF animal vivarium. Our management team and research scientists possess strong industrial and academic backgrounds. With our expertise in medical research and drug discovery and development, Origin Biosciences is capable of providing competitive preclinical services in terms of quality, speed and price to our worldwide clients

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and provide better disease animal model, innovative technology, high-quality and cost-effective service for preclinical drug discovery and development.

Our competitive advantages

•More clinical-like various disease animal models suitable for a variety of preclinical study
•Application of leading in vivo molecular imaging technologies for preclinical study to make assessment more reliable, efficient and quantitative.
•Professional team consists of experts with extensive preclinical and clinical experience to offer better facilitate translation of preclinical results to clinical scenario.
•More competitive price with high-quality service