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Origin Biosciences provides preclinical research and development services with a variety of disease animal models and in vivo animal imaging technologies.  We currently provide services for cancer biology research and efficacy testing of anticancer drug by developing and employing many different clinical-like tumor animal models. We also offer pharmacokinetics and non-GLP toxicity services for the preclinical assessments of new drugs.  

Our modern preclinical facilities and specialized expertise together with stringent quality standard, IP protection and data security, quick start and on-time full English report, our worldwide customers can increase their operation efficiency, speed their research and drug development and lower capital spending.

·Preclinical Study
Cell and Tissue Based Assay
In vivo Efficacy Study in Various Disease Models
Ex vivo Analysis
Pharmacokinetics and Non-GLP Toxicity
List of Normal and Cancer Cell Lines
· In Vivo Molecular Imaging
In Vivo Fluorescence Molecular Imaging
In Vivo Ultrasound Molecular Imaging