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A platform technology project has been granted!

In August 2009, Origin Biosciences has received the grant for the project: ¡°Establishment of Platform Technology for Preclinical Efficacy Evaluation of Anti-cancer Targeted Therapy¡± by Nanjing Technology Innovation and Venture Fund.  Nanjing Science and Technology Agency listed this project as the Municipal Technology Development Plan in March 2009.  The project uses advanced tumor animal model and near-infrared imaging technology. Through the development of key technology needed for preclinical efficacy evaluation of EGFR inhibitors, this project will establish a better and more suitable technology platform for preclinical efficacy evaluation of anti-cancer targeted drugs. This platform will replace the current subcutaneous animal model based platform technology and provide more realistic assessment of the efficacy of molecular targeted drugs.  It will be more effective in detecting drug-target binding and distribution in vivo. This platform will also help to better understand the process of the interaction between drug candidates and tumor cells, as well as the relationship with the anti-tumor efficacy. Therefore, it would greatly promote the development of anti-cancer targeted therapy.