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Origin as the distributor for Targeson's products

Targeson Inc. appoints Origin Biosciences Inc. as Chinese Distributor
San Diego, CA ¨C September 20, 2010 - Targeson Inc. ( announced that Origin Biosciences has become the exclusive distributor for Targeson¡¯s molecular imaging agents in Nanjing, China. Molecular imaging allows the detection of disease before the onset of clinical symptoms, thereby enabling earlier therapeutic treatment. The Targeson¡¯s technology is based on proprietary acoustically active microspheres, which enable researchers to identify diseases at the molecular level using portable and cost-efficient ultrasound imaging technology. Origin¡¯s headquarters are in Nanjing, China.  They will focus on the university research market with Targson¡¯s products and offer a unique combination of distribution services and pre-clinical research services for molecular ultrasound imaging. .
About Origin Biosciences
Origin Biosciences Inc. ( is a China-based pharmaceutical and biotech R&D outsourcing company.  They have a preclinical research facility located in Science Park at Nanjing University of Technology, including a laboratory and SPF animal vivarium. The management team and research scientists possess strong industrial and academic backgrounds with expertise in medical research and drug discovery and development. Origin Biosciences¡¯ mission is to develop and provide better disease animal models, innovative technology, high-quality and cost-effective service for preclinical drug discovery and development.
About Targeson Inc.
Targeson develops, manufactures, and markets ultrasound imaging agents for functional and molecular imaging applications in the research markets. Targeson¡¯s commercial products include: Targestar®-P, a non-targeted ultrasound contrast agent designed to enhance contrast in the vasculature used to image and quantify blood flow and vascular function. Targestar® SA, a targetable ultrasound contrast agent enabling a vast array of targeting ligands to be placed on the agent by the user to be for diverse molecular imaging applications including tumor angiogenesis, myocardial infarction, atherosclerotic plaque, thrombosis, organ transplant rejection, and inflammatory diseases. Visistar®  Integrin, a targeted ultrasound contrast agent coated with a peptide specific for molecular imaging of angiogenesis and tumor growth.