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In Vivo Molecular Imaging
In Vivo Ultrasound Molecular Imaging

Ultrasound imaging has several advantages over other imaging techniques.  Ultrasound is inherently real-time, and most imaging procedures can be completed within minutes. Ultrasound is significantly more sensitive to contrast agents, and conjugation of specific targeting ligands with contrast agents can image inflammation site, tumor angiogenesis and other disorders.   Ultrasound imaging can provide anatomical information of observed disease in animal model with retention of the relevance and compatibility to clinical technology.  Therefore, Ultrasound-based molecular imaging presents an effective and cost-efficient method of determining end points for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Through the partnership with Targeson, Origin uses the Targestar™ line of ultrasound contrast agents for ultrasound molecular imaging.  In combination with fluorescence imaging technology, Origin will enhance its capabilities for its preclinical oncology services.

Origin currently provides the following services for ultrasound molecular imaging

•In vivo efficacy study in various cancer models with in vivo ultrasound molecular imaging
•Conjugation of various targeting ligands with contrast agents, including antibody, peptide and nucleotide for
 preparation of specific ultrasound molecular probes
•In vivo ultrasound molecular imaging with various ligands conjugated contrast agents in diseases animal models
•Origin is currently the representative of Targeson and distributes its Targestar™ line of ultrasound contrast