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Preclinical Study
In vivo Efficacy Study in Various Disease Models

In medical research and drug development, animal models are selected to demonstrate effects of drug or biologic agent on the disease in that model system. The selection of an appropriate experimental model is critical for efficacy and safty evaluation of test drug. The value of an animal model depends on its validity, selectivity, predictability, and reproducibility.

Origin Biosciences provides many types of disease animal models for in vivo efficacy evaluation of various drugs.  These models have been well validated and demonstrated clinical-like patterns in terms of progression, histopathology and drug response.  The application of in vivo imaging technologies in tumor animal model to visualize and track any type of cancer process, including primary tumor growth, tumor invasion, metastasis, angiogenesis and tumor-host interaction can make preclinical oncology assessment more quantitative and efficient.

Our services include expert assistance in the selection of appropriate model systems for optimal therapy evaluation, proof of concept or mechanism of action.

We specialize in the following animal models for in vivo efficacy study.

Tumor animal models

• Syngeneic tumor models
• Subcutaneous xenograft tumor models
• Orthotopic xenograft tumor models
• Human patient tumor models
• Metastatic tumor models
• Angiogenic models
• Stem-cell transplantation models
• Target-specific tumor models
• Transgenic and knock-out tumor models

The following analysis of endpoints are used for in vivo efficacy evaluation

Primary tumor size
Incidence of metastasis
Mortality or survival
Tumor angiogenesis
Observations for toxic effects
 Tumor-related marker and gene analysis